The First Time… baby gets real food!

March 16, 2009 at 10:27 pm 1 comment

It is such a big occasion when you first give your baby solids.  I get questions from many new moms as the big moment arrives.  Should I make my own food?  What do I start with?  How much should I feed my babe?  Of course once they get started the questions drop as they realize how easy it is and their confidence steps in and takes over.  Here are a few basics:

You should start when your baby is 6 months old.  It was previously thought that you could start at 4 months, however with the increase in food allergies, pediatricians and nutritionists believe that waiting until 6 months is best.  The only time I would advise against this is if your doctor gives a valid reason for starting earlier.

The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life for healthy, term infants. Breast milk is the optimal food for infants, and breastfeeding may continue for up to two years and beyond.

What is better food to start with?  Cereal, fruit or vegetable? I would start with avocado or banana.  Both are nutritious and have a bland flavour.  Apparently banana tastes the closest to breastmilk, but I have not tested this theory!  What about cereal? It’s okay to start with cereal if you want, but I would caution about starting with commercial cereal.  Why start with food additives?  Many people are comfortable starting with cereal because that’s how they started and their mothers started, etc.  If that’s what you want to introduce to your baby first, try to make your own cereal to ensure it is organic, nutritious and additive free.  (see my other post!)

The Best Way to Start is to have 3 bowls: one with mashed banana or avocado, one with breastmilk or formula, one that is empty.  And don’t forget a spoon, a bib and a camera!  (fyi – milk implies breastmilk or formula)

Place a little of the mashed fruit (or cereal)  in the empty bowl & add some milk.  Combine.  Add enough milk to ensure that it is close to the consistency of the milk.  Give it to your baby & take a picture!  If your baby doesn’t like it you can try adding a little more milk or try it again another day.

Each time reduce the amount of milk and change the consistency, moving away from the liquid consistency and closer to the consistency of the actual fruit or cereal.

Keep this in mind…

For the first 3 days stay with the same fruit or cereal.  Do not try avocado one day & banana the next.  Try avocado for 3 days and if your baby doesn’t like it, after that you can try the banana.  This helps decrease the chance of allergies, intolerances and if your baby has a reaction you will know what food it is from.

If your baby spits out the food immediately your baby probably isn’t ready to eat.  Wait a week or two, or until your baby is 6 months old, starts grabbing at your food or fork.  Don’t worry, your baby is getting all the nutrition necessary from your breastmilk or formula.


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