Planning Breakfast and Lunch

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So I think I have covered planning dinners quite thoroughly, however there is something to be said about planning for healthy breakfasts and lunches.  I have posted recipes for pancakes, easy salads, etc.  Check them out by using the search function or category list.  Here are my tips & ideas for healthy breakfasts and lunches…

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day, especially for kids.  It gives them the energy to make it pleasantly until naptime.  If your little one is getting cranky, it is snack time!

  • Simple breakfasts include: French Toast; a smoothie served with cereal; fruit with yogurt and toast, eggs and toast, muffin with smoothie
  • Try and pair a protein (eggs, yogurt, cheese) with a carbohydrate (whole grains, fruit, vegetables).  This ensures that your child’s energy lasts a lot longer as the protein slows the absorption of the carbohydrate
  • Save your weekend breakfast leftovers.  Wrap up pancakes and waffles and freeze them; they toast up beautifully in the morning.
  • Make pancake batter up the night before and store it in the fridge over night.  It is easy to heat up the pan and cook them up in the morning.
  • Try these recipes too… Pumpkin Pancakes…  Veggie-Cheese PancakesLaurie’s Famous GranolaFruity OatsRice & ShinePeachy Morning Muffins

Lunch – leftovers from dinner the night before make a great lunch, of course.  But what if you haven’t any leftovers?

  • Suped-up Grilled Cheese – I have always loved the grilled cheese.  Make your child’s grilled cheese even better than before.  Use whole grain bread and real cheese, butter not margarine.  Try adding thinly sliced apples, slices of avocado or pesto.  Serve it with an organic ketchup (much lower in sugar) or dip it in tzatziki.
  • Soup and Toast – sometimes find it hard to serve soup to anyone under 4; but put on a good bib and encourage your child to dip the toast in the soup.  Soup (especially homemade) is full of nutrients.
  • Brown Rice Salad – this is my personal favourite, I take it to work all of the time.  My son seems to like it too!  Cook up brown rice the night before and let it cool overnight.  In the morning, or before lunch, finely chop up some veggies; whatever you can find in your fridge; broccoli, peppers, green beans, etc.  For little ones really chop them up small.  Add some homemade salad dressing and you have a great nutritious lunch.  By the way all the chic lunch spots are serving up these ‘bowls’ and charging a lot of money.  Make it yourself; it tastes just as good.  Here’s a link to some great salad dressings:
  • Here are some of my favourite past recipes for lunch… Laurie’s Egg RollsQuinoa CakesBaby Mama Quesadilla…  Baby Mama Quinoa & Broccoli Salad


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The Martha Experiment Baby Snack Time!

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