What Yogurt Should I Buy?

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Whenever I talk about yogurt, I always get the same question ‘What yogurt should I buy?’

This is a great question because there is a lot of yogurt on the grocery shelves now and it is very confusing.  Omega Yogurt, Probiotic yogurt, low-fat, high fat, no sugar, fruit bottomed…

Yogurt is so healthy and nutritious.  It is a great source of calcium and protein, it contains healthy bacteria (probiotics) to help with digestion and healthy immune function and it is great to add to a smoothie!

My favourite brand in Ontario. In second place I would recommend Liberte

When it comes to buying yogurt, I always say:  buy plain, high-fat, organic yogurt.

Plain Yogurt – When buying plain yogurt you can guarantee that there are no additives, no extra sugar and if you want to sweeten it, you can sweeten it yourself with fruit or maple syrup.  Look at the labels of your favourite yogurt.  How many ingredients are in there?  There should only be two: milk and bacterial cultures.  Anything else is an unnecessary additive.

High-Fat – to ensure that plain yogurt tastes good, always choose a high-fat content.  I’ll say it again and I’ll say it until I turn blue in the face… the fat in yogurt is not what is making you fat.  This is a good fat, it adds creaminess and flavour to the yogurt. It helps you absorb the calcium and other nutrients in the yogurt.  Again it makes it tasty!

Organic – I am honestly not a stickler when it comes to buying organic, except when it comes to dairy.  There is an overload of estrogen in our society, it is found in plastics, in dairy and in soy and I believe this is contributing to the low fertility rate, high levels of female cancers and excess weight.  choosing organic dairy products helps to ensure that you are not exposed to the estrogen that conventionally raised cattle is getting injected with to ensure high milk production.

A child can have yogurt at 10 months of age.

Be sure to give your child plain yogurt from the start so she develops a taste for it, rather than the sweet stuff.   I have examined the children’s yogurt products that are on the dairy shelves these days and I have yet to find one that doesn’t contain sugar, or other additives.  If you have a

Look at the ingredient list: plain and simple

brand you think might be good, let me know and I can do an analysis for you.  Besides, don’t you think this ‘children’s yogurt’ thing is a bit of a gimmick?   Is it really that hard to scoop plain yogurt into a container to take with you?

Do this test: Look at your children’s yogurt and see the grams of sugar.  Divide that number by 4 and the total will equal the amount of teaspoons of sugar in your child’s yogurt.   Prepare to be shocked!


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