SUCCESS! Potty Trained in 3 days!

August 13, 2010 at 5:35 am Leave a comment

I am on day 3 of our 3-day potty training mission and it’s looking like the mission has been a success!

I heard about the 3-day Potty Training by Lora Jensen from my friend’s blog Bird Nest Press.  I thought a lot about it, did a little research, then finally bit the bullet and ordered the e-book.

You can read more about her method here, but you basically have to commit to serious potty training for 3 days.   I actually took 3 days off from work, because we did not want to sacrifice a summer weekend; and honestly I think it would be better with one parent focusing on this, rather than two.  (We can’t even build Ikea furniture together, I can’t imagine potty training!!) Lora’s method encourages a positive attitude, praise, love, consistency and commitment.  It’s not easy, but it’s not too hard either.  She suggests that it will work for a child as young as 22 months.

Day One – When Lora says you need lots of underwear, it’s true.  I ran out of underwear at 10:30 am on Day One!  Thanks goodness little undies wash & dry quickly.  There was a little foot stamping and pouting by the afternoon, but I stayed strong.  My husband also came home with an addition 12 pairs of undies 😉

Day Two – We woke up to a dry bed and I could tell the little guy was catching on.  I knew it would probably be a little tough on day 2 and it was.  My son barely napped and did not eat too much.  I never get stressed when he doesn’t eat (he will eventually), but the lack of sleep… yikes.  I need that nap too!   By the afternoon and evening, we caught a few pees!  Success was well rewarded!

Day Three – We are in Day 3 now.  A dry bed this morning, my exhausted little boy stopped crying to tell me he had to pee!  Once he peed, he started crying again and thankfully went down for a long, much needed nap. I feel comfortable saying that we did it!

The weekend ahead will be interesting.  It is now training for the parents.  We are used to going for long walks & wanders on the weekend and with a diaper, it’s pretty easy to do.  I am planning to buy a little portable potty (like this one) for our weekends – I hope it helps us maintain our nomadic weekend lifestyle!

If you are interested in how it worked for me, send me a note, but I recommend that you buy the e-book (approx. $25) and give it a go!


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