A Little Devil never hurt…

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A Classic!

The favourite of dinner parties, the classic Deviled Egg is a snack that many people overlook.

Also called Eggs Mimosa, salad eggs or dressed eggs for those who do not like to dignify the word devil at a church function, these eggs are delicious!  I have yet to go to a party where these are not the first item to disappear from the appetizer plate!

There are lots of ways to make them, so I am not going to write a recipe.  Basically, hard boil some eggs, cut them carefully in half, scoop out the yolk and mix it with mayonnaise and seasonings of your choice (paprika, pickle juice, mustard powder, to name a few).  If you make them with a real mayonnaise, I would not worry about the nutrition impact, however if you are concerned you can try yogurt instead. Do a quick google search if you are looking to spruce up your recipe.  Just remember to sprinkle a little paprika on them!

Martha Stewart Tip: The day before you are making your eggs, lay your eggs on their side, rather than sitting upright.  Overnight, the yolk will settle exactly in the middle of the egg, boil your eggs the next day and you will have perfectly shaped deviled eggs!

Whole Eggs should not be served to children under 1 year of age as they may develop an allergy to albumin, which is found in the whites of eggs.

My devilled egg - I forgot the paprika!

The message here is that they are a great snack, a fun way to dress up boring boiled eggs and guaranteed delicious!  Eggs pack a punch nutritionally.  I wrote about eggs in a previous post.  You can also visit The World’s Healthiest Foods for a nutritional breakdown on Eggs (and any other whole food).

From The World's Healthiest Foods http://www.whfoods.org


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