Detox: Sugar Time

January 7, 2011 at 7:42 am Leave a comment

After the holidays, we are all feeling a little over-sweetened.  So give it a shot, try to reduce the sugar in your diet!

Goal for January: When someone asks if you need sugar for your coffee, just say ‘No Thanks, I’m sweet enough!’

It can be difficult to gauge where sugar is added to food.  The best way to determine this is:

1) Look at the Nutrition Facts Label. How much of the food is considered a serving?  It is realistic?

Did you know that one serving of Ginger Ale is 8 oz.  This is 1 cup.  Not the cup that you use daily to drink from, but when you are cooking, the one cup measurement.  In that one cup there are 27 grams of sugar.  If you divide this number by 4 you get the number of teaspoons of sugar in that product.  There are 6.75 teaspoons (or sugar packets) of sugar in that little cup of Ginger Ale.

2) Look at the actual ingredients. Is sugar added?  It’s okay if there are pieces of real apple and that’s where the sugar is coming from.  It’s not okay if it is coming from added sugars.

Looking at those two pieces of information before buying or consuming processed food will help you become more aware of where sugar is hidden in your food; helping you to avoid it.  Here is a list of major sources of added sugar… Listed in order from most to least – but ALL of them contribute more than 5% of added sugars in the American Diet (Canadians, that diet includes you too)

  • Regular Soft Drinks
  • Sugars and Candy
  • Cakes, Cookies & Pies
  • Fruit Drinks (fruitades & fruit punch)
  • Dairy Desserts and Milk Products (ice cream, sweetened yogurt, sweetened (chocolate) milk)
  • Other Grains (Cinnamon Toast and honey-nut waffles, cereals, etc)

In case you were wondering… ‘How do I know what is considered added sugar?’

I found this handy list of sugar euphemisms. All of these are fancy names for sugar

Names for Added Sugars That Appear on Food Labels

From Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005

Brown sugar Invert sugar
Corn sweetener Lactose
Corn syrup Maltose

Malt syrup

Fructose Molasses
Fruit juice concentrates Raw sugar
Glucose Sucrose
High-fructose corn syrup Sugar
Honey Syrup

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