I don’t LIKE dinner!

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I don't LIKE dinner... unless it is bubblegum ice cream!

‘I don’t LIKE dinner’ is a constant refrain around our house these evenings.  No matter what is for dinner or how much my son helps to make it, he doesn’t actually want to eat it.

When it comes to breakfast and lunch he generally eats well, so I don’t worry too much.  In fact  in terms of daycare I think all of our fees are going to feeding him, but still, in my house you don’t get to skip dinner!

So our dinner rule is this ‘Okay, you don’t have to eat anything, but you have to sit at the table with us.’  We always make him a plate and work on convincing him to have ‘just one bite’.   Sometimes, just sitting there he will pick at it of his own accord.  By the end of the meal he usually has eaten enough to make me happy.

Last night our dinner was intercepted by a well-meaning restauranteur.  And I was pissed.

My son and I went to meet Dad at work.  We decided to go for a quick falafel dinner.  We didn’t order our son anything, assuming that he would get enough by picking at the falafel , rice and peas, salad and of course pita with hummus.

Son: Look Mom!  Ice Cream!

Mom: Yum!  Maybe we can get some after dinner!

Well-Meaning Restauranteur: Nothing for your son?

Mom: No, he’ll share ours, thank you.

Well-Meaning Restauranteur: Here you go young man

He then proceeded to give my son a bowl of electric-blue bubblegum ice cream.

Do I have to write how I felt?  I mean it is hard enough to get my son to eat pita with hummus at dinner time, but there was no way I could compete with the ice cream. No way.  It even had chunks of gum in it!

I had to give up, although I barely tried!  I feebly offered a bit of falafel and pieces of lettuce. I think I got in a scoop of rice & peas and a bite of pita & hummus, but healthy dinner?  A bust.

I don’t like being in that position as a mother.  When we go to markets or the barber, candy is often offered to my son.  Some people ask ‘Can I offer him a candy?’, but most do not.  And because it is a kind gesture, it is difficult, if not impossible to say no, not without a toddler war on the way out the door.

I focus on healthy eating, but I think being healthy also means enjoying some ice cream and candy occasionally.  But seeing that my son is only 3, I would like to be the person who decides when and what he eats and when it is a good time to have a treat.  And before dinner is NOT that time.

So to all of you kind grandparent-ly people who love to offer little ones cookies and candies (just one!), I would appreciate you passing it over to me, so that I can give your treat to my child at an appropriate time.

Is this too much to ask?

So I haven’t blogged for a while, and I thank everyone for their kind words and questions about my missing blog.  To be truthful, I have found it difficult at the end of the work day to sit down at a computer (again) and write.  It started to not be fun, and that’s wasn’t the pont for me.  I want to share good info, but have it be a fun experience.   I am going to try to throw out a post once in a while, share a recipe when I come across a great one.  I do share articles and thoughts related to nutrition on my twitter feed @LkMNutrition, so please follow me there too!  I hope you are having a great summer & stay away from Bubblegum Ice Cream 🙂



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